DTDC Hyderabad


DTDC Hyderabad values your things more than you do.

When it comes to sending anything precious, the people of Hyderabad rely on only one name, DTDC Hyderabad. DTDC Hyderabad enjoys the parentage of DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd., which is one of the premier express distribution companies of the country. DTDC Hyderabad has established a name for itself amongst the people of the city in a very short span of time. There are many other players in the courier and cargo market of the city but DTDC Hyderabad has become the most preferred choice amongst. DTDC Hyderabad has earned the trust of the people of the city on the basis of quality services.

DTDC Hyderabad is operated by expert professionals who are the best in distribution world in the city. This is yet another attribute of DTDC Hyderabad which has made it a popular choice in the city of Nizams.

Some of the features of DTDC Hyderabad which have helped in establishing a wide customers’ base for the brand are:

1. Widespread distribution network: DTDC Hyderabad has its network spread even in the remotest parts of the country. As many as 10000 Pincodes are being covered by the widespread network of DTDC Hyderabad. Not only with the national destinations, DTDC Hyderabad connects to all the major international cities as well. DTDC Hyderabads has its express network spread to almost 240 global destinations. Some of these destinations have their own offices as well like in US, Dubai, UK, etc. DTDC Hyderabad is supported by more than 4000 channel partners and over 300 company owned offices.

2. State of the art infrastructure: The IT structure of DTDC Hyderabad is one of the best in the country. None of the courier and cargo companies have an organized structure equivalent to DTDC Hyderabad. We are able to trace every single packet we send at any given point in time.

3. Efficient team of professionals: DTDC Hyderabad employs the best hands in the city for the job of delivering your goods. No matter what is the value of your courier packet for you, it is the most precious thing for us. Our team of expert professional ensures that each packet is safe till it reaches the desired destination. We, at DTDC Hyderabad, make sure that every single courier packet is well packed while it is being transported from one city to the other.

4. Wide range of services: DTDC Hyderabad offers a wide variety of services to its customers. We, at DTDC Hyderabad, offer everything from Express courier to end to end supply chain, cargo, retail services which include bill payments, ticketing solutions, DTH and mobile top ups. We also deal with training supply chain professionals through our supply chain training institute. Such wide variety of services makes DTDC Hyderabad more than just another courier company of the city. This is the reason why DTDC Hyderabad enjoys customers from all domains. DTDC Hyderabad believes in innovations and constant improvement. DTDC Hyderabad believes in providing the best to its esteemed customers.


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